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The importance of core and strength training are often overlook in multisport training. Most of us focused and obsesed with all the outdoor or aerobic part of our training, swimming, biking and running that we neglect a vital part of our workout...core, streght and stretching. What we need to understand is durning the long hours of endurance training we are breaking our muscle tissue down and aren’t always using all the muscle groups, which support the body’s sketel sturcture, a key factor in efficency in endurance training and racing.

And the fact is, you can do most of this training anywhere, your living room, park or at your gym. If done or a regular basis this training actually helps prevent injuries and provides quick releif and recovery to aching muscles and joints.

I have also listed a few workout tools you will need. If you do have a weight training routine, or belong to a paladis or yoga class, feel free to work them in to your schedule.


Unless you belong to a gym here is gear you will need access to: Medicine Ball - weight is determing depending on your ability.
Dumbells / Large Workout Ball or any other equipment you are familur with using, just reference the reps and intenesity listed below

You should rotate these workouts in you weekly strenght training days. i.e. Monday do workout 1 Friday do workout 2 following week 3 and 4. As you get stronger and have a better understanding of this training you can add in or change exercises.


Freestyle / Calinstectics workout Repeat this for about 1 hour

Rest no more than 30 seconds between sets

High Reps - 15 - 20 reps 4 sets

  • Push ups • Incline, Decline
  • Dips • Tricep Dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Crunhes / Medicine ball workouts.
  • Planks - you can run thru a series of different ones, holding 30sec to Min
  • Freestyle Lunges and Squats with or without dumbells.

    You can mix in any other exercises other than this just keep it low aerobic and impact. (yoga, paladis, etc)

WORK OUT 2 Endureance

Freestyle / Calinstectics workout Repeat this for about 1 hour

This workout you will do for a period of time rather than reps.

So you will perform each exercise blow 30 seconds each, with not rest in between each exercise, complete all or at least 3 of the exercies below as one set. (As you get increase your time to 1 min, etc.)

Rest no more than 30 seconds between complete set

  • Crunchs / with or without Medicine ball workouts.
  • Bicycle (laying on ground bring knees to opposite elbow)
  • Planks - you can run thru a series of different ones, holding 30sec to Min
  • Mountain Climbing (In pushup position run in place bringing knees to your chest)
  • Freestyle Lunges and Squats with or without dumbells.


Super Set / Circuits

This workout you will continuously move from machine to machine with no rest until you complete a circuit of 4 to 6 different exercises resting no more than a 30 seconds to
1 minute.

Repeat this for about 1 hour

Every 4th week increase to a little heavier weights lower and do less reps, focusing on power.


Mixed Advance
Combine one of the Calinstetics with weights.

Starting with Lower Body workout Crunches, Planks and ball work, etc, then move on to the weights superset then finish with the Crunches, Planks and ball work.


If you are not familar with any of the listed workouts or need help or would like to do a personal training day for better understanding please let me know and I can setup a personal training session to work with you.

NOTE: A very important note is not to work your legs to close to our big endurance day such as Saturday. Since you will be on the bike for hours and running off the bike after, its best to work the legs earlier during the week. Since we are continiously biking and running, I recommend light to medium weigth training to avoid injuries that can occur with heavier weights. I do recommend using machines overall, free weight lifting does require balance and stability, and with the amount of training we are doing, breaking down our structure, the machines can help support the structure and let us focus on the muscle building.



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