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Understanding how to train will make the difference in endless hours and countless miles of wasted effort and poor results.

Below is a basic undertanding of weekly training in each discpline. This is not a training guide, for more on training, see training programs and coaching

Basic Triathlon Training

Swimming: You will need to swim 2 - 3 times a week, 30 min to 1hr per session.Your training will vary using different techniques and drills incorporating the different equipment.

Cycling: Depending if you are using clip in shoes and aerobars on your bike, mounting and dismounting is pretty tricky, you will need to practice how the use and apply yourself before getting out on the road. Glasses are not for shading but for protection of your eyes, riding glasses come shaded and clear.

Training on the bike will consist of cadence, sprints and distance riding. This should be practiced 2 -3 times a week. (more on training at the end of the article.)

Running: Well, if you have ever run for a hobby, you should know the importance of the proper shoe and other gear. Hat, glasses sunblock all these are protection from the elements and can make your training more enjoyable.

Strength Training: As you can see, endurance/triathlon training invloves a lot of aerobic exercise, which can break down muscle that supports the skeltel structure and body posture impacting your performance. Incorporating weights and core training will help maintaine muscle strenght and structure.

Running will consist of Slow easy distance, short to medium tempo and speed work.

To aquire a peronal training program see coaching.

Training Gear & Equipment

Quality training consist of repitition, routine and recovery, convinence plays a large part of this, depending on the weather conditions, where you live and lifestyle, indoor training will be part of your training system.

Take advantage of our sponsors expert advice, services and discounts on the gear and equipment you will need to make your training convienent and effective.


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Swim Kits:
Swim training will require the proper gear and tools such as paddles, fins, kickboard and more.

There will be days when you have and alternative to outdoor training, the indoor training will be part of your cycle training.